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A classic labor cartoon shows a cop whaling away at a picketer carrying a
sign reading "Anti-Communist Union." The caption, "I don';t care what kind
of a communist you are! You reds are all the same to me!"

Still, if you renounce your former beliefs repeatedly, loudly, vigorously,
and in print and onm TV, you are probably OK. The US neocon Irving Kristol
used to be a Trot, but I doubt that he;s on the sort of lists Ron is
talking about.

--Justin Schwartz

On Sat, 1 Jul 1995, Ron Press wrote:

> Hi
> Just a bit of history.
> When the Russo-German pact was agreed between Stalin and Hitler
> one of the members of the CPSA resigned from the party, and
> retired from politics.
> In 1960 together with thousands of others he was arrested in the
> state of emmergency in South Africa.
> Why? Well he was on a list, and when you are on a list you never
> get off.
> So please remember even if you make it clear that you are not one
> of those, or one of those, or any other variety,  if you are on
> the list you will all be in the same cell in the end. So lets get
> a bit more friendly now so that we will not end up in that cell at
> all.
> Ron Press.
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