LOV and Tory Chaos- trailer

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Sun Jul 2 09:57:58 MDT 1995

On 27th June Will Brown wrote, like me, from England, about the
exciting contradictions in the British Conservative ("Tory") party.

1) The primary split in the Party is over the future of the nation
state. The looming possibility of scrapping sterling and joining
a Euro currency is seen as a profound threat by the Tory right.
This highlites the contradictions that stem from the global integration of
the economy through transnational circuits of capital.
While Thatcher contributed to this process by lifting exchange
controls to give 'British' capital global freedom and enhance
the role of the City of London, the process ultimately threatens
the nation state.

I have wanted very much to come in too, and extend the analysis using
perspectives from the law of value to argue further why the British
Conservative Party may not even hold together.

Because it is so long, but I feel really not inappropriately so in
relation to the inevitable complexity of the contradictions, I am
posting this trailer/warning. Read as you choose!

Chris B, London.

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