U.R. Fascism

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I quote the lesson Umberto ECO made in Columbia University of N.Y. on 24 april.
Eco says while there was a unique nazism, which was anti-christian and
pagan, there was many fascisms and the term is adaptable to many regime and
so it can be consider eternal : U.R. fascism he named it.Franco in Spain and
Salazar in Portugal made a fascism without imperialism, balcanic fascism was
whitout colonialism. Ezda Pound
was a fascist with more radical anti-capitalism than Mussolini while Julius
added the cult of celtic mythology and mysticism of Graal, extraneous
italian fascism.
Eco indicates some point to define U.R. fascism.
1) cult of traditions, typic of counter-revolutionary catholic thought after
french revolution but present in greek classic time.
2) the refusal of modernism understood not like thecnological but like
rational thought
of illuministic source, so U.R. fascism can be defined IRRAZIONALISM.
3)the cult of action in itself; the thought is a form of eviration and so
the culture must be suspected because critical.
4) unagreement is a treason crime.
5)U.R. fascism is racist for definition because it grow up on  fear of
6) U.R. fascism ensues by individual and social frustrations and so it is
the roll-call to middle class frustrated.
7) nazionalism is used for giving ,to someone who has no social identity
,the conception to be privileged because borning in the same country;
because it are enemies
the only ones can give identity to mationalism, there is obsession of  plot,
international is better; so it is explained xenophoby and anti-semitism.
8) poeple must hate richness and strongness of enemies
9) the peacifism is allied of enemy because the life is a permanent war
10)U.R. fascism must declare a popular eliteratism:every citizen belongs
best people in the world, hierarchically organized.
11)everyone is educated for becoming an hero.
12)the fascist, in absence of war, move his need of heroism in sexual field:
13)people hasn't a political identity; fascist leader know and make its
interestes and
people plays a silent part.TV is today that was Venice square for Mussolini
or Norimberg stadium for Hitler, and maybe internet can become worst.
14) U.R. fascism talks new-language nemed by Orwell in 1984.
Eco concludes saying fascism is still around us and it can come back with
more innocent
aspect and we have the duty to unmask it , everyday and in every side of the

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