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The March/April issue of "Love and Rage", published by the Love and Rage
Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, has a short article entitled "What
kind of revolutionary organization is useful today?."  This article is
also reprinted in the Spring issue of "Black and Red", the newsletter of
the Anarchist Caucus of the CoC.

People might be interested in this topic as it presents the issues in a
somewhat different perspective.  There is a criticism of two strategies
of organization including the Marxist-Leninist vanguard party strategy
and the so-called "temporary autonomous zones" strategy favored by many
anarchists.  The L&R article argues for a third strategy which is
summed-up in the following extract:

"The role of a revolutionary organization like Love and Rage in a mass
movement is not to lead the movement but to participate in it as equals
with other organizations and people.  Through such participation we seek
to do two things: 1) to argue for the most democratic mass movement
possible, one that gives every person the ability to participate in it
fully; and 2) to argue for our anti-authoritarian politics within this
plural movement in order to influence it into struggling against all
forms of oppression."

I found this article interesting also because it shows that many Marxists
and anarchists are moving towards similar understandings of revolutionary


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