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Ron wrote>>

There are many parallels between the Nationalist in South Africa
and the  Zionists in Israel. The left supported the Boers against


As an Englishman, whose country was not entirely innocent of events
in south Africa and Palestine, I feel I must point out the connection,
of an oppressed people springing up against an oppression, and
becoming oppressors themselves. The British invented of course the
concentration camp for the Boers.

We could add to the tragedies of the 20th century, that if the Great
Powers had not imposed such harsh terms on defeated Germany, it might
not have sprung up in quite the same way, and had to prove its German-
hood in opposition to jewishness. And remember also the wars
of intervention against the young Soviet state, which swung Soviet
history towards a more paranoid culture.

Unless contradictions among the people are carefully handled, cycles
of oppression can divide the people down the decades.

Chris B.

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