LOV - value of references?

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Sun Jul 2 16:10:36 MDT 1995

Chris B. would like a summary of the different positions taken by various
authors on the "transformation problem."  This would be a useful task
that could be performed in a relatively objective manner, i.e. we could
list the various major authors going back to Bohm-Bawerk and Hilferding
and briefly summarize what each has said.  This would be a service, not
only to Chris B., but to others on the list as well who aren't familiar
with the literature on this subject.  It might take a fair amount of
work, though.  Any volunteers?  I'm willing to assist if someone else is
willing to coordinate.



PS:  If we could get a couple of people from different "sides" to work on
this task together (possibly Steve Keen and James Devine) we might be
able to present a summary post that could be accepted by people with
different positions.  If we did that, we might then avoid the endless
problems of disagreement about who said what.

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