background for discussion on democratic centralism

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Sun Jul 2 16:23:15 MDT 1995

Erwin has done us a great service with his background post on democratic
centralism.  The major issue which I think we could discuss, a topic
which Scott talks about in his post today, is whether the concept of
democratic centralism is the most appropriate organizational form for
revolutionary organization of Marxists today in the US?

Scott writes that democratic centralism is a "creative concept that can
change with existing conditions."  Erwin's post made it clear that this
was also true in Lenin's time.  For those list members who believe that
democratic centralism is useful for revolutionary organization today in
the US (I'm not one of those people) a further question for discussion,
one that Scott and others might want to expand upon, is: **how** should
that concept be changed to meet today's conditions?


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