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Sun Jul 2 16:37:42 MDT 1995

Scott wrote that "crude anti-communism has very little impact left among
working people that I have contact with."

I'm sure that we all are glad to hear this (and I do mean that
sincerely).  I've worked in factories (auto plants) where (in the late
70's and early 80's) "crude anti-communism" was not only present but took
the form of violent expression (and this was at one of the most
progressive and militant locals in the UAW).

Of course, we all expect that anti-communism will loose some of its
appeal now that US imperialism doesn't have the major communist state
adversaries that it once had.  Yet, I'm not convinced that Scott's
experience is the same in all segments of the working class and regions
of the US.  For instance, the Cuban-American community continues to
preach anti-communism and has support in at least some significant
segments of the working class.

Since we are a national -- and even international! -- list perhaps others
could be able to relate their perceptions of this issue for the regions
they are familiar with.


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