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Sun Jul 2 18:20:28 MDT 1995

Jerry's suggestion of a list precis of the transformation problem
comments that "It might take a fair amount of work, though"; which I
think qualifies for the understatement of the year award! But a few
positive suggestions here:

The most up to date survey of the TP I know of is Meghnad Desai's
1988 paper in the Journal of Economic Surveys: JES, Vol. 2 No. 4,
1988, "The Transformation Problem", pp. 295-334. It is a reasonable
article, and I suggest that anyone interested in Jerry's suggestion
should first read it--Chris, since you aren't heavily familiar with
the economic literature on this, it might be a good starting point
for you in particular (it also summarises the positions of several
of those names "dropped" by Justin).

I can provide, without too much effort, commentary on Bohm-Bawerk,
Hilferding, Sweezy, Meek, Dobb, Boudin, Rubin and Steedman, since
these are people whose work I have surveyed and on whom I have
computer-based notes.

Steve Keen

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