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Sun Jul 2 19:07:20 MDT 1995

Steve wrote that:

> The most up to date survey of the TP I know of is Meghnad Desai's
> 1988 paper in the Journal of Economic Surveys: JES, Vol. 2 No. 4,
> 1988, "The Transformation Problem", pp. 295-334. It is a reasonable
> article, and I suggest that anyone interested in Jerry's suggestion
> should first read it <snip>

OK, it's as good a place as any to start.  Actually, summaries of
the literature on the transformation problem are to be found in a
number of sources.  The section on the "Transformation Problem" by
E.K. Hunt and Mark Glick in "The New Palgrave" title called MARXIAN
ECONOMICS (Macmillan, 1990, pp. 356-362) is admirable for its
brevity.  When I was preparing for my PhD written comprehensive
examination in political economy many years ago I prepared a
summary of each of the major contributions in this debate so I know
that this is a task which *can* be done.

Steve goes on to say:

> I can provide, without too much effort, commentary on Bohm-Bawerk,
> Hilferding, Sweezy, Meek, Dobb, Boudin, Rubin and Steedman, since
> these are people whose work I have surveyed and on whom I have
> computer-based notes.

I think we already got your one on Steedman.  As for the rest, post them!
A cautionary note:  I suspect that if you post your commentaries on the
above, then we will discuss many other issues besides the transformation



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