Depressions, mental and economic

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Mon Jul 3 03:11:17 MDT 1995

Two short points:

1)  Depression might very well be a euphamism for slump since recession
is a euphamism for depression that was developed following the Great
Depression of the 1930s.

2) There IS a relationship between mental depressions and economic
depression which is well-known and has been demonstrated statistically.
When unemployment goes up (as of course happens during economic
depressions), we can observe a increase in suicides and admissions to
mental hospitals!  Also increasing with unemployment: admissions to state
prisons, homicides (i.e. crime), deaths due to liver cirrhosis (due to
increased alcohol abuse) and fatal heart attacks and strokes (increased
stress).  Some other social indicators also increase with unemployment
such as increased divorce rates, spousal abuse, child abuse, etc.


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