Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Jul 3 08:13:05 MDT 1995

Jime Devine writes:

>Matt D. writes: >>Actually, when trying to "get my mind around"
>the Holocaust, I often ending up falling back on terms like
>"insane" or even "satanic".  I know this represents a failure of
>analysis.  But I don't think Jim or Nello have captured it here,
>I didn't know I had been called upon to give a complete analysis
>of the Holocaust (and I hope that the above isn't saying that my
>view is the same as Nello's). I don't have one and I won't
>present one here, though I will say that my little sketch was
>superior to yelling "satanic" or "insane." My sketch was totally
>a specific response to the inanity that I saw in the previous
>message (by Matt D? I forget), which falsely accused some guy of
>being anti-Semitic as far as I could tell.

Mea culpa, mea culpa!  I'm still obviously not getting it right.  Sorry for
the unclarity in my post.  It was a bit touchy=feely, wasn't it?

Checked through my previous posts... Haven't found myself calling anyone
anti-Semitic.  If I gave that impression, I apologize.

-- Matt D.

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