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Justin writes: >>In re. Jim Devine's earlier cavil about my sharp
distinction between the historical materialist and the
value-theoretic Marx: Jim says in essence as I understand him,
that all he understands value talk to be is a historical
materialist way of describing social relations in a class
society--it doesn't have anythiung to do with prices (even
aggregate prices) or anything quantitative about capitalist

No, value has a lot to do with the _aggregate_ level and value
isn't irrelevant on the individual level. I'll drop a name here
to answer this: see James Devine, "The Utility of Value: The 'New
Solution,' Unequal Exchange, and Crisis," RESEARCH IN POLITICAL
ECONOMY, vol. 12 (1990). I just posted some other stuff on this,
so I won't repeat it.

>>I am willing to accept that the rationa; core or value theory
is just something like this. I think taht taking thius line means
kicking away the ladder after we have climbed it.<<

I don't understand the meaning of this metaphor in this context.

>>I further think taht this is what Marx, more or less, does, and
once we have got to that point, value talk is dispensable. So
maybe Jim and I agree, although I certainly share Gil Skillman's
complaints that Jim's theory of the LYV is mainly negative (it's
not this, it's not that), and so is hard to understand.<<

Again, see my article. Anyway, it was Ajit Sinha's complaint.
BTW, his article in the same issue of RPE was very good.

for socialism from below,

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