Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

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Mon Jul 3 11:01:02 MDT 1995

Matt D. writes: >>I don't know if the idea of "precedence" is
necessarily the best way to characterize the basis of the
relative autonomy of anti-Semitism or other forms of

the fact that a phenomenon precedes capitalism says that it
isn't simply a product of that system.  This is _one part of_
relative autonomy.

>>I would also disagree with you that in the specific instance of Nazi
Germany, forms of discrimination other than anti-Semitism could be "put on a
par" with the latter.  Rather I would see them as being basically extensions
of or analogies of the anti-Jewish racial purification motif.<<

I didn't say anything about "on a par" (and it's hard to imagine
quantifying the various disgusting characteristics of Nazism).
But it's hard to imagine Nazism with out the machismo and the
racial purism. If the Jews hadn't been there, the Nazis would
have invented them. That is, they would have found other
scapegoats. (In Southern California, for example, among the folks
who are starting down the road to fascism, the main scapegoat
these days seems to be "illegal aliens," non-English speaking
people, and non-white people in general.) The machismo implies
anti-gay bigotry and the extremely patriarchal attitudes to
women, which hardly seem to be extensions of anti-Semitism. The
racial purism applies to the Rom people (the gypsies) and the
retarded.  It's hard to see the essence of Nazism being
anti-Semitism, though anti-Semitism was very very important.

>>As for the usage of the word "insane"--I didn't mean to imply that
anti-Semitism wasn't useful/rational for the Nazis for some period of
time.  But by the end of the war, it was no longer rational _even for

I wasn't disagreeing with the term "insane." It's just not a very
deep analysis.

>>P.S. I'm not calling anyone an anti-Semite!<<

I didn't think you were, at least no-one on this list.

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