Samuelson on Marx and the Transformation Problem

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Mon Jul 3 17:08:59 MDT 1995

Jerry's commentary on Samuelson's early editions of MICROECONOMICS
re Marx are very accurate. But even an old leopard such as Samuelson
can change his spots, and his most recent textbook--to my amazement
at the time--describes Marx as one of the greatest economic thinkers
of all time, and devotes a section of the book to Marxian economics.

Mind you, I haven't read this carefully--not having to concern
myself with teaching issues at present--but the tenor and the
devotion of space are a far cry from what he offered in his pre-
Cambridge Controversies texts.

I think the relevant edition is No. 7, published in 1993 or 1994.
Worth a look Jerry!


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