The Nature of Anti-Semitism {was Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust Denial?}

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Mon Jul 3 21:21:14 MDT 1995

Justin wrote:

> Leo gives us an illustration of the poverty of postmodern thought. "Once
> upon a time there was history, but now there isn't any."


 But all this cal be swept under the rug if we describe matters as Leo does.
 I try to eschew abusive polemics, but Leo, this is pathetic.


Leo and Jim Devine are trying to keep this debate on matters of
substance.  Please stop the Leo-bashing.  All of the salient points that
you made in your post could have been made without reference to the type
of language cited above.

Has anyone else noticed that the quality of exchanges has gone up in the
last few days?  I get the sense that everyone is trying to make the
process better.  Let's continue on with the present trend rather than
reverting to older, more abrasive, forms of discourse.

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