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LeoCasey at aol.com LeoCasey at aol.com
Mon Jul 3 22:06:40 MDT 1995

Justin writres:

>Leo seems to think that we must interrogate the adbsences in >Marxism. We
will find the secret of the rise of Stalinism in Marxis,'s >reluctance to
sanction an official moarl meta=theory, or use of >terms dictatotship of the
proletariat. etc... Now Marxists should >welcome interrogattaion and
development of their concepts, but it's >poltroonery to think that simply
getting those straight will stop bad >men from using whatever language you
like for evil purposes if the >alighnment of forces is such atht it's in
their intererestsa nd within >their abilities to do so.

Justin, Justin, Justin.
If I hadn't spent a great deal time of time and effort to discuss this issue
in considerable depth just a day ago (State Authoritarianism and Ontology)
maybe it would be understandable that this caricature bears so little
resemblance to what I actually believe.
Well at least you gave me a new vocabulary word -- poltroonery. I have to
remember that one.

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