Gender and conflict

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Jul 4 08:05:29 MDT 1995

I think Chris' theory is unadulterated hogwash, if not something more
fragrant. Women are no less courgaeous or willing to die for principles
than men.

As I like to live dangerously by stretching points on this list,
and always live in fear that people with read them as adulterated
hogwash, I enjoyed Justin's robust comment about *un*adulterated
hogwash. But in case I offended anyone unintentionally, I did not
mean to imply that women lack courage. I think there are many sorts
of tenacity and courage.

I meant that the management of conflict in society is highly acculturated
and that there are strong gender biasses about how this is done. In some
ways the rest of Justin's post I rather agreed with.

I will miss Justin, and hope that from law school, his contributions
will be as pointed, even if not so frequent.

Chris Burford, London.

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