democratic centralism

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Jul 4 08:07:47 MDT 1995

I found Scott's posts on party and democratic centralism very
interesting from his point of view, and other posts were also
very interesting. I doubt that there is one best solution, but
there will be different assessments of the balance of advantage
and disadvantage for different models in different situations.
I would submit that various niches will be found to be occupied in
a sort of political eco system, and it will be best if we can
find a way of living with this and using it.

But I have a query about one argument of Scott's:

>>>Capitalism is highly
regimented and organized for it's class purposes.<<<

I wonder. It seems to me to have some advantages in its great
flexibility, and to be fast moving in outflanking us. It is
a great amoeba, capable of rapid movement, engulfing or dispersing,
breaking up and recombining.

A structure that will defeat it
must be capable of waging more that regimented military battles.

I am sure that Scott would partly agree but perhaps only partly.
The difference of emphasis may be important.

Chris B, London.

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