Bloch in GDR/gk

Elaine Jude Leyda ejl1386 at
Tue Jul 4 03:54:11 MDT 1995

	Thanks for your post regarding Bloch. I have been through several
of his works: Principle of Hope, The Utopian Function of Art and
Literature (collected essay, an interview, and etc), On Marx, and the
essays 'Nonsynchronism...,' ' The dialectical Method.' (He's crucial for
getting to Jameson, and an interesting comparison to Marcuse.) I am
interested in your essay, which I can have my dear sister translate. (She
is fluent; I am merely not.)
	A question: is Bloch acknowldeged as contributing to the Green
Movement in Germany? I understood, from somewhere, that he was imporant
in its beginnings.


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