Socialist Utopia

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Tue Jul 4 08:39:56 MDT 1995

Tim suggests that Marx's vision of a communist society needs a materialist
critique. I agree. One person who has attemptented this is Stanley Moore
in his two books Marx on The Choice Between Communism and Socialism and
Marx Versus Markets, the second being arevised version of the first. He
concluces that on historical materialist grounds Marx had no basis for
expecting communism to arise from socialism, and moreover was mistaken to
oppose market socialism.

I will add that a good deal of the broadly Hayekian argument for market
socialism (that you need markers for economic calculation) is materialist
argument of just this sort--see, e.g., Alec Nove's Economics of Feasible

--Justin Schwartz

> If I am in any sense right on the third point, it suggests that we need to
> re-visit Marx and Engels's vision, and subject it to the kind of materialist
> critique they so successfully applied to their contemporary utopians.
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