Why not more women?

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I intended only to describe the facts of the case and not to praise (or to
condemn) Janis' behavior. Actually I'd rather that she did partipate more
in discussion, since she has a very sharp mind. I agree with you taht
there's a problem about women getting stuck with all the scutwork while
the boys talk grand theory and stand in front of the microphone--do you
know Marge Piercy's wonderful essay from the early days of women's
liberation entitled "The Grand Coolie Damn"? (In Robin Morgan's Sisterhood
is Powerful.) Although I will say that in the local Solidarity group I
tend to do most of the oeganizational scutwork myself. (Sigh.)

--Justin Schwartz>
> Even though, Justin, I am always a little sad, when the men, wanting to
> praise the work of women in the party/group, say what you said about your
> consort:
> > But
> >she does tend to walk out of the room when the men in Solidarity start
> >chatting about the LTV and such. She'd rathera ddress practical organizing
> >questions about What Is To Be Done?
> That always sounds like it reduces us to some kind of spoilsports and
> grey matrons. I know that is not what you mean, but it sounds like
> the 'boys' are free to play because we have the splendid women to sweep
> up the organization.
> But the actual reason for me to write here was a statistics from Matt D:
> >Let me also add, differential access to technology and training is almost
> >certainly a factor, right?  I mean, the net as a whole is still something
> >like 80-90% male?
> Well, the rumour had it that way. But a recent survey (I think april 1995)
> made by a magazine by questioning I think 7000 large firms and organizations
> about their connection on Mail and Internet. And their statistics says
> that just under 40% of their E-mail-accounts are held by women. That surely
> makes Internet available to a lot of women.
> Sad to say, the references I read did not say anything on how often women
> connected to Listserves or WWW. ( I saw the resulting article, and has read
> about it on a couple of feminist lists I'm on, but I'm sorry, I don't have
> the precise reference. Typical me, bad memory, and one of the reasons I
> don't post on marxist theory ;)
> About the participants on MARX-L. Jon Beasly (sp?) made a survey of us
> around newyear. What were the results of that? How many women? how many
> lurkers like me?
> And finally to Elaine and Liza: Equality or not, I especially love to
> read your posts - because besides beeing high quality, they are written
> by someones of my own sex. Sorry, but that is how it is [deadpan]
> Heidbra, Denmark.
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