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Tue Jul 4 16:44:04 MDT 1995

Steve wrote (concerning the suggestion that a summary of different
positions on the "transformation problem" be prepared):

> So before I put time into it, I'd like a "show of hands" of those
> who'd find it useful. If there's a lot of interest, then OK; but
> if, for example, only Chris Burford is interested, then I'd prefer
> to send him my commentaries "as is" direct.
Well, it all depends on how many people want to pursue this thread of
discussion.  I will tentatively raise my hand in the affirmative because
I am convinced that even if we don't continue the discussion on the TP
now, it will almost certainly come up again and again in the future.  If
we could, at least, develop summaries of different positions on the TP,
then we could save ourselves time later debating about who said what.

It would, however, be very unfair to assign this task to Steve Keen or
any ONE list member.  It's just too much work.  A collaborative product
would be better not only because it could divide up the work, but, also
because it might be easier to then agree that the summaries are
reasonably accurate.

Finally, I would say this:  it would be kind of handy to have this kind
of summary post and many of us could use it in the future in other forums.
It all depends on whether there are enough people out there who are
willing to take responsibility for this task.



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