democratic centralism

Scott Marshall Scott at
Tue Jul 4 17:13:30 MDT 1995

Howie asks:

>It seems to me that proponents of creatively updating democratic centralism
>(DC) for contemporary purposes need to answer two relatively concrete
>questions. First, does DC imply the subordination of the individual to the
>party (alongside the subordination of the lower bodies to the higher ones)?
>Second are we striving to create a single revolutionary party in every
>country (with the implication that there is one single revolutionary line,
>one single revolutionary plan of action and so on)?

Scott: IMO the answer to both questions is yes. But from my point of view
(and of course I know we disagree on this) but I see no reason to place the
questions negatively (even allowing each persons worst belief of the
history.) We can learn and we can do it better. Unity of action is superior
to agnosticism. And there is a differenece between arrogantly asserting that
you, or your organization has the *final* truth and recognizing that to
defeat the power of capital will require a very high level of unity that
will involve one *main* line of attack. Or more philisophycally, the truth
is collectively knowable.

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