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Tue Jul 4 19:01:04 MDT 1995

Howie seems concerned that one organization may think it has the
only sensible position. Most "competing" organizations will obviously
think that and they cannot be faulted for that. This is not what
democratic socialism is about, but is more connected with the concept
of a vanguard. In any case, no organization can impose its "correctness"
on others; it can only seek recognition that it has the best program
by convincing theory and behavior and results. There is nothing evil
in that.

The question of the subordination of the individual to the organization
can only be resolved through the dialectical interaction between the
individual and society. Communal societies did not seem to have had
a problem with this. The individualism bred by private appropriation
of the product of labor of others really made this into a number one
problem. It requires a separate discussion on this conference.
It is worth while investing time in it as a special discussion.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in further discussions
until the end of July, since I leave Thursday for a three-week trip.

I'll be looking forward to rejoining the ranks after July 27.

Erwin Marquit

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