democratic centralism

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Tue Jul 4 19:54:02 MDT 1995

 Scott Marshall wrote responding to Chris B.:

> Right you are - my emphasis is on the 'commanding heights' of capital. For
> an interesting look at the centralist aspect of capitalism or more percisely
> finance capital, it's informative to read a book called 'Secrets of the
> Temple', I think that's it, I'm sure Doug Henwood knows it - I don't
> remember the authors name.


Regarding the centralized nature of finance capital, I'm not as convinced
as Scott is.  The ruling class in this country, and internationally, is
highly divided in terms of their understanding of their own class
interests and in terms of the strategies for capitalists economically
and the policies of the capitalist state.  The capitalist class is highly
divided.  The working class, also, is highly divided.  The difference is
that capitalists have a higher degree of class consciousness.  On matters
of policy, the ruling class is frequently as divided as is the working

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