Listserver glitch

Howie Chodos howie at
Tue Jul 4 22:57:08 MDT 1995


As Jerry, Steve and Scott have pointed out there have been a few problems
technically. Jerry would seem to be right that the list was down for a
number of hours Tuesday afternoon (EDT) and that a number of posts may not
have gotten through. The folks at spoon are looking into it, but as a
precaution it would seem wise for anyone who posted anything Tuesday
afternoon to make sure that they received it as well, and to keep a copy of
their post until such time as they are sure that it made it through. The
current working hypothesis is that it shouldn't be necessary to re-post
individually, but that all the missing posts can get sent out in a batch
like last time.

As for the "undeliverable mail" messages that people who posted received
back, it too is being looked into, but would appear to be unrelated.


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