Engels Anniversary 5th August

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Wed Jul 5 07:18:16 MDT 1995

Engels Anniversary

One month to the 100th Anniversary of Engels's death on 5th August,
in London.	

Would anyone feel like marking it with a clarification of Engels'
contribution to Marxism?

He has always seemed to me the most attractive of the great


1. were there important differences of policy or approach between
him and Marx?

2. Was he very much the junior partner in the double act?

3. How wrong was he on science and does it matter?

If there is to be an exchange that genuinely illuminates, there has
to be room for critical, even very critical views. I seem to recall
Ralph saying something quite critical and referring to an old
article by Gareth Stedman Jones.

The latest issue of New Interventions from Britain, incidentally
this one edited by a subscriber to this list, Chris Bailey, carries
a thoughtful article.

A number of articles in fact have been carried in several
publications. Could anyone summarise one of them and comment?

Engels had his ashes deposited in the Channel so that they would
reach all continents. It would be nice if we could mark his death
with a frank appraisal of his contribution.

Any takers?

Chris Burford, London.

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