U.R. Fascism

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On Sun, 2 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:

> I quote the lesson Umberto ECO made in Columbia University of N.Y. on 24 april.
> Eco says while there was a unique nazism, which was anti-christian and
> pagan, there was many fascisms and the term is adaptable to many regime and
> so it can be consider eternal : U.R. fascism he named it.

	I may be out of sync here, but I'm not clear on 'U.R.'  Is that
like 'Ur', in the 'proto' sense??

> 1) cult of traditions, typic of counter-revolutionary catholic thought after
> french revolution but present in greek classic time.
> 2) the refusal of modernism understood not like thecnological but like
> rational thought
> of illuministic source, so U.R. fascism can be defined IRRAZIONALISM.
> 3)the cult of action in itself; the thought is a form of eviration and so
> the culture must be suspected because critical.
> 4) unagreement is a treason crime.
> 5)U.R. fascism is racist for definition because it grow up on  fear of
> unlikeness.
> 6) U.R. fascism ensues by individual and social frustrations and so it is
> understanding
> the roll-call to middle class frustrated.
> 7) nazionalism is used for giving ,to someone who has no social identity
> ,the conception to be privileged because borning in the same country;
> because it are enemies
> the only ones can give identity to mationalism, there is obsession of  plot,
> international is better; so it is explained xenophoby and anti-semitism.
> 8) poeple must hate richness and strongness of enemies
> 9) the peacifism is allied of enemy because the life is a permanent war
> 10)U.R. fascism must declare a popular eliteratism:every citizen belongs
> best people in the world, hierarchically organized.
> 11)everyone is educated for becoming an hero.
> 12)the fascist, in absence of war, move his need of heroism in sexual field:
> machism.

	Sounds exactly like the U.S. to me...


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