Marx, Hegel and political economy

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Wed Jul 5 05:41:31 MDT 1995

Steve's quotes from Marx on the commodity and value are good ones in
which Marx explains some aspects of how he viewed the meaning of those
topics within the logical structure of critiquing capital.  Yet, anyone
who has read the "Grundrisse" (from which Steve's quotes are drawn) has
realized that it is a very difficult work to penetrate and fathom.  Why
is this?  Not only is the prose tortured, but the language used is
unfamiliar to most students of political economy.  There can be no doubt
that the "Grundrisse" was very heavily influenced by Marx's understanding
of Hegel.  I would suggest that serious students of Marx's political
economy invest the time necessary, at some point, required for a serious
reading of Hegel's works.


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