U.R. Fascism

aniello margiotta amargiotta at synapsis.it
Wed Jul 5 14:35:21 MDT 1995

>On Sun, 2 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:
>	I may be out of sync here, but I'm not clear on 'U.R.'  Is that
>like 'Ur', in the 'proto' sense??

Already Glevy corrected me; it's Ur.
>	Sounds exactly like the U.S. to me..

The danger is in every country; the war in ex Yugoslavia is understanding
like explosion of fascisms moved by Vaticano and western interesses;
southern American
countries are laboratories for new form of fascism with seeming democratic
regime, like countries named asiatic tigers . Eco related Berlusconi ' s
U.S. is the inspirer and the model.

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