transformation, transubstantiation, manifestation

Andy Daitsman adaitsma at
Wed Jul 5 07:47:55 MDT 1995

Personally, I think it's a great idea and would be forever indebted to the
kind-hearted souls who agree to carry it out.  Once it's complete, we can
put it on the spoon web-page, and at least have a handy reference point the
next time LTV debates surge on the list.  In the long run, we could save a
lot of time we've been wont to waste by going over the same points over and
over again.


>I agree that, for those who wish to understand this area, an Internet
>summary would be worthwhile. But as Justin and Jerry have emphasised,
>it's a LOT of work--even where some of us have pre-existing summaries
>and commentaries.
>So before I put time into it, I'd like a "show of hands" of those
>who'd find it useful. If there's a lot of interest, then OK; but
>if, for example, only Chris Burford is interested, then I'd prefer
>to send him my commentaries "as is" direct.
>Steve Keen
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