Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Wed Jul 5 11:31:45 MDT 1995

I understand that Pennsylvania's Governor keeps changing his FAX and
e-mail addresses because his office keeps getting swamped with messages
opposing the execution of Abu-Jamal.

Does anyone have any ideas for alternative e-mail addresses that we could
use to send messages opposing the legal lynching of this political activist?
Perhaps the White House (isn't the e-mail address: president at white or Senators and House Representatives from Pennsylvania?

I think we can, and should, use this medium more for political protests
and appeals.  A word of warning, though, for anyone who sends a message
to Clinton et. al.: they will know exactly who you are and what your
address is if you e-mail them and that info. could then be relayed to the
Secret Service and/or the FBI.  Consequently, be *careful* in what you



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