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>Changes that are visible in the bones [paleontology and archeology]
>indicate no significant differences from modern types for the last 30
>to 80 or even 100 thousand years, depending on the location.  This
>does not address potential changes in soft tissues which would not
>impact the bone structure.


Here's a dumb question from a layperson who never even completed high school
biology - haven't people on average grown taller and bigger in the last say
1000 years. If so is that a form of evolution or no. I realize this isn't
the issue you're addressing above, but it just prompted the question to me.

I haven't the faintest how this relates to a materialist approach to
biology, but am curious, lilliputian. (For you youngsters this is an obscure
joke based on a 60's movie).

2ndly. Some time ago you took great exception to the work of S. J. Gould. I
didn't get into it then because I was preoccupied with other matter. But....
I really would like to know more about what you don't like about his work in
general layperson's terms. This is prompted because I went to hear him speak
at the University of Illinois in Chicago last year about the Bell Curve and
it's implications. And while I thought he made some interesting points for
argument, I was shocked at what I took to be a very elitist and arrogant
attitude on his part. For example when some students made the point that it
was all well and good to tear up the racist and unscientific stuff of the
book, they wanted to know what should be done to more activily fight the
propagation of the bullshit. IE: why wasn't more being done to boycott (not
censor) the book and it's backers and demonstartions against their ideas
etc. Gould got on his high horse and basically refused to answer or even
acknowledge these kinds of questions - he seemed to imply that the abstract
knowledge of the con arguments was refuation enough. He bragged about how he
had really given Murray hell on TV, but wasn't the least bit interested in
organized action to counter the Bell Curve.

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