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Wed Jul 5 21:29:17 MDT 1995

>Victor, thanks for facts.  It was someone else on this list who said
>(before I did) that there was also a divergence between Nazi
>interests and big German Capitalists' interests at some point, or in
>some ways.  Even in the US, interests of the big manufacturers are
>often not identical with interests of government (economic/power

I must have missed this post - but if the point is to show that the Nazi's
had different interests than those of big capital or that somehow fascism
can arise metaphysically from some other source than captialism this I would
love to see, also.

If as you maintain some times the US government does not have the same
interests as big business, then whose interests do they represent in those
times? Do you believe that the state can stand above the class struggle as
some kind of neutral force, or can have interests of it's own seperate from
the class struggle? I think it can be shown very well that even when the
government is forced to make concessions to the working class (ie: labor
laws, enviornmental laws, affirmative action) they still represent the
interests of big business and immediatly take steps to 'interpret' or
otherwise use the laws for the benefit of capital.

To me this is fairly basic marxism on the role of the state including (and
moreso) in periods of fascism.

>Anybody got facts on differences between Nazis and Capitalists?
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