LOV and Tory Stabilisation?

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Wed Jul 5 21:48:42 MDT 1995

Chris B. wrote:

> Thus comrades and friends, without them being *conscious* of it, the
> remorseless dynamics of the law of value, obliging every British
> bourgeois to hold dear the accumulation of British capital, has manifested
> its pull on events through their *un*conscious minds.
> The dramatic political events had nothing to do with love and everything
> to do with LOV.

It is true that the Tory shake-up has nothing to do with love per se, but
that doesn't mean that it has *everything* to do with the LOV.  I
understand you to be saying that the logic of the accumulation of
capital  is driving  British state policy and is at the heart of the
differences within the  ruling class concerning government intervention.
I believe, though, that you have fallen a little too much in love with
LOV since this understanding of LOV leaves very little room for the relative
autonomy of the capitalist state.

Chris continues:

...could someone
> give us a crash course on the Marxist theory of money, so we can see
> why European currency union is so problematic for our bourgeoisie,
> poor dears.
Don't expect me to volunteer for teaching the "crash course."  By all
means, study Marx's theory of money but do not assume that Marx's theory
of money will, per se, answer the question you ask above.


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