The politics of the Unabomber

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Thu Jul 6 16:41:50 MDT 1995

>re:louis p. and green anarchism-louis, when you discuss/critique "green
>anarchism", could you mention names (e.g. Sale, Bookchin, Sessions) in
>order to comprehend better your critique-much appreciated-john pincince,
>dept. of history, univ. of hawai'i
Just today I read a long article in " CORRIERE DELLA SERA" about unabomber;
the writer quotes Paul Ayrich who analyzes his manifest like a philosophical
essay including Trockij and Thoreau and who considers him like the aberrant
point of neoanarchical movement express by Left Green Network.
Anarchical ideology cames back strongly after end of URSS and conquers
expecially ecologists like hard critical of capitalism and comunism.
Always the ties between anarchics and comunists were difficuts and
conflicting until
tragical murders od spanish anarchics during civil war, good descibed in movie
" Earth and freedom ", and surely important it was contributions of
anarchics, in Europe and US, in building trade unions and political worker
I consider them the feeble ring, ideologically and politically, of
anticapitalist movment.

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