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Thu Jul 6 09:54:09 MDT 1995

 rust gilbert wrote:

> walter - do you know about Sheik's, and that of one is students, new work
> linking FROP to long waves
> >One more interested party in the LTV/FRoP project.
> >
> >Walter Daum
> >

I think Rust is referring to Anwar M. Shaikh and E. Ahmet Tonak MEASURING
THE WEALTH OF NATIONS (Cambridge University Press, 1994).  This book,
though, deals with national income accounting and empirical measures in a
Marxian tradition.  It is well worth looking at and discussing.  It
doesn't deal with Kondratieff or long waves.  Perhaps Rust is referring
to another, newer, work that I am not familiar with.

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