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Andy Daitsman adaitsma at
Thu Jul 6 12:59:42 MDT 1995

Jim D. wrote:

>Did the Sandinistas ever come out explicitly for socialism?

I can't point you to a specific document where they did, but there's no
question second generation Sandinismo was a socialist movement.  The FSLN
was Marxist-Leninist (the rump might still be) and two of the three factions
it split into in the mid-70s were called "Prolonged People's War" (looking
to a Vietnamese model of revolutionary war) and the "Proletarian Tendency"
(Bolshevik model?).

When Tomas Borge came out to visit my work brigade in 1984, his cute quote
of the day was something like "we're not trying to destroy the bourgeoisie,
we're just going to subordinate them to the working class."

That's not a call for communism, but it is definitely somewhat more advanced
than simply facilitating Central America's long-delayed transition to
capitalism (the line of the Moscow-line CPs in the region in the 80s).


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