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Bernard J. Goitein bjg at
Thu Jul 6 13:38:00 MDT 1995

I used this number in illinois- its been used in oregon and cal, too. so
if you believe in any relative autonomy.
bernie g.

  The AFL-CIO is now running anti-Republican ads around my area, asking for
  people to call their special 800 number and tell Representative Jim Bunn
  how awful the Republicans are for brutalizing America's Working Class.

                       The number is 800 765-4440.

  When you call, an automaton asks for your name, street address, and phone
  number (recording your voiced answers) and then asks you to key in your ZIP
  code.  It then uses your ZIP code to index and dial up your Representatoid
  (after one more auto-admonishment to the caller to be sure and speak to the
  exploitation of American workers by mean-spirited Republicans.

  I got thru to my Congresscritter's office OK by keying in an appropriate
  ZIP code.  I'm sure you'll have an appropriate message for yours, too.

  Carpe Phonem!

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