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Thu Jul 6 23:03:32 MDT 1995

Louis wrote:

I'm sure if you took a look at land usage statistics [there is
good work to be done]

No one really took up Louis' and Nello's call for
a class analysis, but in the sketch at the end of Capital
volume III, Marx describes landowners  *separate from
capitalists* as one of the three big classes of modern

Land could be socialised without raising problematical
issues about the international competitiveness of commodity production
in one country.

There is increased momentum from environmental concern, for
a land policy.

Far from it being inefficient, there are suggestions from
the far East, that democratic land reform did not exactly
damage the rising capitalist economies.

To focus more, what class forces could be brought together
for the socialisation of land?

Chris Burford, London.

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