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Thu Jul 6 16:47:55 MDT 1995

On Thu, 6 Jul 1995, James Devine wrote:

> I'd like to second Louis' motion and ask Louis a question.
> Louis writes:>>The Sandinistas overthrew Somoza and tried against
> overwhelming odds to build some kind of socialism in poor
> Nicaragua.<<
> Did the Sandinistas ever come out explicitly for socialism?

Louis Proyect:
No, the Sandinistas only came out explicitly for Sandinismo which
translates into land for the peasants, education for the youth, medical
care for all, etc. But they were able to achieve power by adroitly combining
class and democratic demands. They eschewed symbols of some other
people's socialism--hammer & sickle, red stars, etc.--and adapted icons
that were based on the Nicaraguan experience.

By the same token, all of the major Sandinista leaders were socialists
just as you and I are. To get more detail on the politics of the FSLN, I
recommend George Black's "Triumph of the People". To see how the
Sandinista approach might be adapted to the United States, I recommend
"Fire in the Americas" co-authored by Roger Burbach, a gringo, and
Orlando Nunez, a Nicaraguan.

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