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Thu Jul 6 19:00:57 MDT 1995

I am also interested in the discussion of value.  And while I have your
attention, I was wondering if anyone would kindly comment on Kari Polanyi
Levitt's recent discussion of the new middle classes in relations to Marx's
proletarian concept.

Levitt writes in the latest issue of Monthly Review:

It is the task of the social movements which have received increasing harness the forces of democracy to challenge financial
power. The task is today more difficult, especially in the rich North
because creditior interests which drive restrictive monetary policies and
the privatization of public and social infrastructure--including education
and health--have won the suport of the new middle classes, including
millions of wage and salary earners concerned to maintain the value of
their assets,, whether in the form of institutional savings or equity in
home ownership. The "proletariat" with nothing to lose, insofar as it
exists in the North, is an impoverished underclass, generally of ethnic
origin other than that of the majority, with no voice in society. The
opinion-making elites, including the media and the academic community,
reflect the concerns of the 'haves' of the world."

Is marxism the last refuge of the haves?

Quote from "Toward Alternatives: Re-Reading the Great Transformation"
Monthly Review (June 1995).

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