The Geography of Class Struggle: Inner City vs. Suburbia

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Thu Jul 6 22:38:26 MDT 1995

Let me propose a new topic for discussion.

As we examine the political base and political objective of the new
Republican Congress, as we watch the waning of the industrial working class
and the political economy in which it was rooted, and as we take into account
developments in radical geographical analysis...

To what extent could we say that there is a new phase of class struggle, and
that a central (if not the central) facet of this new type of class struggle
involves a suburban-rural alliance against the urban centers, particularly to
their inner cities.

I do not want to suggest that this geographical facet is an isolated
dimension of this new class struggle; the urban and inner city is clearly
identified with the welfare state and with people of color, for example, and
there are undoubtedly other forms of artciulation which could be
demonstrated. But I have been thinking about how we can understand what is
quite clearly a new moment and type of class struggle, one in which the
industrial working class is no longer central, and I believe that this
geographical dimension may be key.

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