transformation, transubstantiation, manifestation

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Thu Jul 6 23:10:10 MDT 1995

This is hardly new. Marcuse and Debray and many others struggling to find a
"new" or "third" force as a base for the left explored this many years ago.

>Levitt writes in the latest issue of Monthly Review:
>It is the task of the social movements which have received increasing
> harness the forces of democracy to challenge financial
>power. The task is today more difficult, especially in the rich North
>because creditior interests which drive restrictive monetary policies and
>the privatization of public and social infrastructure--including education
>and health--have won the suport of the new middle classes, including
>millions of wage and salary earners concerned to maintain the value of
>their assets,, whether in the form of institutional savings or equity in
>home ownership. The "proletariat" with nothing to lose, insofar as it
>exists in the North, is an impoverished underclass, generally of ethnic
>origin other than that of the majority, with no voice in society. The
>opinion-making elites, including the media and the academic community,
>reflect the concerns of the 'haves' of the world."
>Is marxism the last refuge of the haves?
>Quote from "Toward Alternatives: Re-Reading the Great Transformation"
>Monthly Review (June 1995).

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