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Fri Jul 7 02:46:52 MDT 1995

On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, Matt D. wrote:

> Well if we want to play the body-count game, then Stalinism wins hands down
> over U.S. imperialist capitalism (what some folks like to refer to as
> "democracy") as a humane social system, doesn't it?  I'm not so sure that a
> simple counting of corpses is the most useful vector of analysis.

	Maybe not, but whenever someone uses that simplistic crap with me,
I simply use the above 'counter'-argument -- not much more sophisticated,
but it usually slows 'em right down...

	As regards the ro^le of 'great' men in history, let me add my POV:

	It's often argued that BECAUSE individuals can have a decisive
effect on history, this somehow 'proves' that collective means of
organizing society are not the 'natural' way to organize it -- that kings
and strongmen are its natural movers and shakers. The 'true' spin on this
is that it is INDEED *BECAUSE* such individuals can wreak havoc in the
lives of *millions* of people, that we MUST make certain such power is
NEVER so concentrated in one or a few hands. Therefore, only some disperse
collective leadership should be allowed as the antidote to abuses of power
(same argument goes for committees vs. hierarchies at all levels...)


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