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On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Were there mass imprisonments, mass purges, mass executions in the USSR in
> the 1970s? Of course, Brezhnev's USSR was hardly a model of free expression
> and democratic self-rule, but neither is Yeltsin's Russia. Is Yeltsin a
> Stalinist?

	Others have replied to this, but let me just agree with them that
'stalinism' is more than just Stalin's 1930's Terror. We have still to
agree on an exact meaning of the term (if that's ever possible), but I
would still characterize Brezhnev as a product of, and defender of,

	Yeltsin, don't forget, is also a product of the stalinist system:
an apparatchik, one of the nomenklatura. Remember: he only left the
'Communist Party' a few years ago!! His contempt for REAL democracy and
the 'Russian' Constitution are sure signs of his stalinist roots, as far
as I'm concerned. The 'Imperial Presidency' (U.S. style) suits a 'former'
stalinist, and the present 'western-style' Potemkin village-type of
democracy ruining Eastern Europe before our eyes is the result of former
stalinists jumping thru neo-liberal hoops to please their NEW masters...

> Rand's temperament may have been authoritarian, but her antistatism makes
> her anti-fascist by the very definition of fascism.

	That's a non-sequitur as far as I'm concerned. You could as easily
categorize her as neo-fascist (not that I'm not willing to be shown just
what this strange fish of a woman REALLY was if not fascist.)

	Do not forget that fascism is a dirty word in the 'liberal' West.
Rand could not very well be open about heart-felt fascist beliefs. That
would've MARGINALIZED her...  :> As far as I'm concerned, Ayn Rand spent
her entire life rationalizing her totalitarian belief system, trying to
make it fit within the framework of western liberalism -- squaring the
circle, so-to-speak.

	Latin Amerikkka is/was CHOCK full of Nazi refugees (like Klaus
Barbie) who did the Cold War liberals' dirty work, all the while claiming
to be working _for_ 'democracy' and against the 'Evil Empire'...

> I feel like that line in A.R. Ammons' poem "Sphere," where he conjures up
> Matthew Arnold jumping out of the bushes to remind us to preserve the
> essential distinctions...

	Who the hell are THESE guys??   |>


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