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Fri Jul 7 04:29:02 MDT 1995

On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, Joseph F. Lockard wrote:

> Holocaust revisionists.  Perhaps this type of rhetoric might be expected,
> though, in a list where a Canadian poster offers to put other list members
> against the wall.

	I think it's time to point out, AGAIN, that _another_, equally
obtuse problematic here is literal-mindedness and lack of a funnybone --
not to mention a seemingly congenital inability to understand what is
actually being read...

> Although intelligent distinctions are to be desired between political
> systems, most people familiar with the basics of modern European history
> have no difficulty equating the body counts attributable to Stalinism and
> Nazism.  Also, most have no difficulty remembering that Stalin and Hitler
> infamously joined hands in cooperation. There should be no difficulty
> recognizing common features between Stalinist and Nazi ideologies, and I've
> not the time of my life to devote to education on this point.

	I think others have shown you how this is a simple-minded reading
of the Hitler-Stalin pact. I've always taken people who use this 'big
blunt object' reasoning to be simply anti-communist: after all, the above
reasoning is used MOST often with lines like "Communism is Pure Evil."

> As has also been pointed out on this list, though, simply invoking the
> phrase 'Stalinism' does not constitute socio-historical analysis.

	In case you haven't noticed, we're trying to define the term here.

> For another, it conveys a miniscule sense of the
> internal terror generated by that Stalinist search for
> counter-revolutionaries, for opposition to a left-fascist dictatorship.

	So you prefer to use 'left-fascist dictatorship' instead of
stalinism? I don't think the definition of the word 'fascist' lends the
term to being borrowed for use in defining the terror under Stalin. At the
very least, it will confuse people studying the history of stalinism, when
they find that stalinists worldwide used the term 'social fascist' to
define pretty much most left opposition to them.

> Stories like those of my great-aunt who spent twenty-plus years in Stalin's
> prisons, camps and Siberian exile:  her crimes were that she spoke (poor)
> English and had family in America.

	And it's noted that you have an axe to grind...

> death camps after the war.  There are many stories of life and death under
> Stalin's dictatorship, if you care to read them, listen to them, understand
> them.  Or you could turn your back on those millions of voices and their
> stories, in order to hear only your own theoretical echo.

	Nobody here is ignoring this. We've(?) just taken it as a given
(for the time, at least, that I've been here.) So you want it stated
explicitly. OK. Now it is.


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