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Fri Jul 7 06:13:05 MDT 1995

Guillermo wrote:

> Somebody on the list claims that Sandinist never called themselves
> socialists. Someone on this list quoted Castro one month ago, does
> anybody remember? It was something like:
> "We gave our people hospitals... then we told them that was socialism, and
> they liked it".

I wrote that the Nicaraguan government under Sandinista leadership never
said that they wanted socialism.

Many Sandinistas were socialists and most socialists internationally
wanted the Nicaraguan government to become socialist.

Reagan, caught in his own anti-communist ideology, claimed that Nicaragua
was socialist and was a puppet of Cuba which was a puppet of the USSR.
An examination of Nicaraguan history will show the Reagan doctrine on
Nicaragua to be completely erroneous.  He must have feared that what
happened in Cuba would also happen in Nicaragua and then before you know
it there would be Marxists with guns on the Mexico/Texas border and then
where would we be?

It was in the course of struggle with the US that
Cuba eventually decided to become socialist (please,
let's not have any semantic arguments about the
meaning of this term).  In the course of struggle
with US imperialism, the Nicaraguan government
maintained steadfastly that they wanted a market
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