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Fri Jul 7 06:52:26 MDT 1995

Chris S. has good reason to be morally outraged by apologetics for Stalin
and Mao.  From a Marxist perspective, I believe that any form of
aplogetica is ahistorical and inexcusable.  All must be held accountable
for their actions.

Chris S. : "Continued apologia for Stalin ... or Castro's Cuba, which for
years benifitted from Soviet military power, which for years oppressed
gays and lesbians...."(excerpted).

No one should apologize for Castro or Cuba either, BUT, I would add the
following in response to the above:

1) I see nothing wrong with the Cubans accepting military aid from the
USSR when faced with the continued possibility of US invasion.  The
Cubans have nothing to apologize for in this regard *unless* they made a
political compromise with the Soviets to obtain that aid (something that
I'm not entirely convinced of given the way in which the Cuban state, for
example in Grenada and Angola, intervened in ways that the Soviet
leadership disapproved of).

2) The oppression of gays and lesbians is undeniable, although, Cuban
policy has (I understand) improved somewhat in the last few years.

3) Let's not apologize for #2 above. Yet, the Cuban government's policies
towards gays and lesbians should not be taken to equate Castro's "crimes"
with the crimes of Stalin and Mao.  We should not apologize for anyone
but we should also not universally condemn individuals or groups without
due cause.


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